Joie: An Inside Look at One of Our Favorite Designers

Posted on October 08 2018

You may well be familiar with Joie if you’ve perused the Rue Atelier shop in Elmwood recently. But the effortless femininity of Joie’s Fall 2018 collection is worthy of more than just a quick look. In fact, we find ourselves glancing once, and then again for a longer gaze.

According to Joie, their fall pieces were inspired by 1980s London, rock ‘n roll and a vintage Victorian aesthetic. Though the designer has a distinctly “west coast” feel, many of the fall items display details that harken back to a Britain of yesteryear.

Among more traditionally-styled pieces from Joie, you may notice studded grommets, dramatic sleeves, or even leopard print.

This lovely blouse in “desert rose” is simultaneously simple and elegant, with sleeves that grab the eye:

Pair it with slim-legged black trousers or faux leather leggings from Velvet, here, for a slightly edgier look.

Joie also recasts the little black dress with all-over lace, and again, particular attention to detail in the sleeves.

Finally, Joie’s interpretation of the sweater dress is worth a mention. The sweater dress is truly ubiquitous this fall, and Joie offers it with characteristic softness and easy femininity.

Here we’ve paired the dress with the Velvet leggings (opaque tights or knee-high boots are great choices as well), a chunky necklace from Moonstone Jewelry, and patterned scarf, all of which you can find in-store.

The Joie brand was created in 2001, offering easy-to-wear, refined women’s clothing that effortlessly bridges daytime and evening. In addition to the pieces mentioned above, Rue Atelier has many more Joie items that do just that. Browse online here or stop by the store to check them out.

Going forward, Joie has hinted that it will be offering more denim… so make sure to take that second look!


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