Trend Report: Sweater Weather

Posted on October 29 2018

We’re excited to post our first trend report on our blog this week, in large part because we’re excited to start wearing what’s in our trend report. “It’s too cold for you here and now” wails The Neighborhood in their song “Sweater Weather”. It’s indeed sweater weather, or perhaps *almost* sweater weather. October in the bay area can be like a second summer, after all. Still, cooler weather will arrive sooner rather than later and the long cardigan sweater, the topic of this week’s blog post, will play a central role in this fall’s fashion.

The transition to indisputably autumn-like weather is often accompanied by a kind of attitude change in fashion. We seek out cozy, soft, and warm instead of bright, light and open. It’s a reset, if you will. But those who have been paying attention are correct — it’s not as much of a reset as you’d think, as cardigans were definitely on-trend this summer as well. So perhaps we call it more of a smooth transformation.

This year long cardigans are everywhere and designers are all about giving you lots of choices — a good thing for all but the habitually indecisive. While the term “long cardigan” might imply a very specific piece of clothing, you’ll find myriad options: thin, chunky, lower-priced, high-end, buttons, collared, and more. Ultimately, this means lots of versatility for your wardrobe. You’re free to dress up, dress down, compliment with layers, or wear as a statement piece. The extra length also means extra polish, so it can be that piece that unites an outfit. And thankfully, this is one of those trends that is also practical. You can be both on-trend and warm at the same time. Not always a given in the fashion world.

In terms of colors, the long sweaters we are seeing are mostly neutral, such as beige, cream, gray, black, brown, or some combination thereof (again, choices!). Here are some of the lighter neutral tones we carry:

Like the rest of the pieces you’ll come across this season, pay attention to the details, such as the buttons, sleeves and collar of these sweaters (from left to lower right):

Let’s take a moment to call out one piece in particular this fall: the sweater coat (like the black one pictured above, or in full length here):

What to call it? A coatigan? A cardicoat? Those don’t roll off the tongue as easily as, say, brunch, that weekend favorite. Terminology aside, the long sweater coat is doing double-duty as outerwear for cooler weather. Wear it like you would a coat — as you are heading out the door in the day or evening, as an unexpected layer over a jumpsuit, shirt dress or jeans. It’s also an option for a leave-on layer, even while indoors.

Please note that while Rue Atelier does carry all the long sweaters pictured here, they are not available on our website. So stop by the store to take a look!


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