Travel Attire That Does It All

Posted on December 10 2018

Comfort and versatility reign supreme when it comes to travel wear. And style, of course. Recall the old adage “dress how you wish to be addressed”. Navigating the airport looking put-together gives the impression that you actually are put-together. Who cares if you’re only trying to convince yourself!

Besides, it’s useful to arrive at your destination not looking like you just rolled out of bed, even though that may be exactly what happened — just with a flight in between.

What pieces do you need for the obstacle course that is the airport during the holidays? Let’s face it — you’re asking a lot of your outfit. One that accommodates variable temperatures, TSA requirements, food on-the-go, dashes to the gate, and potentially long waits. Think layers and reusability. Also, plan to incorporate some of your travel pieces into your outfits when you arrive, to reduce what you need to pack.

This pull-over shawl adds an easily removable layer of warmth and sophistication. (Bonus: It’s essentially a blanket in disguise, if need be.)

Layer over a soft, washable long-sleeve shirt from Blair Maxwell and a pair of comfy crop boyfriend jeans from Citizens of Humanity (see top photo).

To finish the look, accent with a soft scarf in a versatile print, such as this one:

(Bonus: It will complement any number of outfits. Also, it’ll start to look like an excellent pillow when you’re extra tired.)

Add simple earrings, like these from local designer Navone.

Finally, choose TSA-friendly slip-on shoes or zip boots in a neutral color, and you’re ready to go!

All the items described above are available at our store in Elmwood, so stop in to take a look. And happy travels!


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