Designer Focus: Unique Jewelry Designer Sandra Kathleen

Posted on November 12 2018

Sandra Kathleen has pursued a truly lifelong passion for jewelry, creating her first pieces at age five and selling her designs by her high school years. She currently creates simple pieces from unique gemstones in her home studio and sells at local craft shows and independent boutiques like ours.

She strives to emphasize the beauty and power inherent in each stone. Not only is each stone unique, each piece she creates from it is as well. A perusal of her website and Instagram page (@santdrakathleenjewelry) reveals earrings and necklaces made from diverse gemstones, from sunstone to labradorite and more.

Here are a few pieces in our store:

She demonstrates a compassionate attention to quality throughout each piece of jewelry, utilizing 14-karat gold filled chains on her necklaces and hand-forged ear hooks on her earrings.

For Sandra Kathleen, the design process is an intuitive one. When making custom jewelry, she often meets her clients in person so she can observe what they are drawn to. She then designs a supportive and celebratory piece that, she hopes, resonates with that individual.

Jewelry designers range in practices when it comes to sourcing. Sandra Kathleen emphasizes the importance of sourcing ethically, and pays particular attention to mining processes, how the earth is treated after mining, and how miners are compensated. She attempts to find out as much as she can about these and other practices, and buys from sellers who work directly with the miners. For certain pieces her sourcing costs may be three times higher, for example, because she buys from sellers who commit to replanting and replacing after the mining operation. She is also mindful of overmining, and buys and produces small amounts of jewelry accordingly.

Not only does Sandra Kathleen create jewelry, she also works in the healing arts as a licensed psychotherapist and a sound therapist/body worker. Her jewelry and work as a therapist are entwined, with the shared goal of “vibrant, empowered living”, she explained in a recent interview.

In her free time, she dances, explores and enjoys the outdoors, hiking often at the Berkeley marina and in the Oakland hills. She admits to being regularly inspired by nature, and her pieces reflect a certain harmony of place.

Sandra Kathleen’s delicate designs are often versatile, and transition well from day to evening wear. These $110 smokey topaz earrings pair nicely with with a sparkly Autumn Cashmere sweater, for example:

Please note that our Sandra Kathleen jewelry, as well as the sweater pictured above, are available in our Elmwood store, though not online. So reserve some time to drop by and take a look for yourself!


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